Let us assure your business continuity

It will help to protect your assets, employees and reputation through:

  • Having a Plan "B" in place

    Actions to be performed and resources needed for recovery.

  • Program management

    Specific program for preparation and maintenance of business continuity.

  • Ready-to-act employees

    Staff awareness and training activities.


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If you're looking for Project Manager, Program Manager, or Consultant to run your Business Continuity in Ukraine and abroad to develop BCP from scratch, you are in the right place. We can offer you the following services at the highest possible level:

Business Impact Analysis

Organization structure and processes analysis, resources documenting, objectives, prioritization.

IT Services Analysis

Defining IT services critical for your business functioning, categorization, risk assessment. Gap-analysis.

Premises inspection

HQ buildings inspection: ventilation, heating, reserve power supply, water feed. Datacentre and server rooms review.

Emergency Planning

Emergency scenarios, strategies, plans preparation. Crisis management workflow setup. Emergency teams formation.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

IT DR Planning. Recovery cards. Appointing IT emergency teams. Incidents communication procedure.


Awareness program, presentations, tests, trainings, exercises. Mailing templates. Crisis simulations, if necessary.


We are the team of business continuity & crisis management professionals based in Kiev, Ukraine with extensive hands-on experience developing BC documentation and implementing BC solutions for largest Ukrainian organizations.

We focus primarily on top-tier financial and banking institutions due to significant successful experience in Ukrainian banking sector.

We are able to share our experience of dealing with different situations and assuring continuity of processes you will never find in any other part of the world.





Experience first

As situation in Ukraine is still dangerous for businesses, we are at the forefront of implementing solutions to cover all possible risk and negative scenarios that can break-down even the most commercially successful companies.

Our strengths:

  • Developing from scratch BCM system tailored to meet your business' needs.
  • Unique experience of dealing with different emergency scenarios.
  • Cost/Benefit approach and cost saving proposals.
  • Various awareness activities to embed BCM into an organization's culture.

Standards second

We operate on a basis of international and country level norm, standards, regulations and best practices adopted by government institutions, industry associations and national banks. In addition, we use our own comprehensive and practical guidlines to cover everything.

The methodological basis includes ISO 22301, BS 25999, good practice guidlines provided by FED, Bank of England, Bank of Italy, Bank of Japan.

We are also using up-to-date local methodology, including a new framework for the organization of banking activities during emergencies provided by National Bank of Ukraine in July 22, 2014.




Answers to the most common questions.

What is BCM?

BCM or Business Continuity Management is a project or a program that identifies possible risks to an organization and the consequences to business operations that those risks might cause, and provides action plans to minimize the possible negative outcomes.

What is BIA?

BIA or Business Impact Analysis is an activity of analyzing organization structure and related processes to define the effect that a disaster or disruption might have upon them.

Who is BC Manager?

Business Continuity Manager is organization's employee or contractor responsible for development, implementation, testing and maintenance of BCM documentation and practical recovery activities, if necessary.

What is Business process?

Business process is a set of related activities or functions that produce some service or product for customers. The term both implies core business and supporting processes.


Here are the examples of companies for which we've designed and implemented Business Continuity projects during 2010-2015 as project managers, consultants or subcontractors.

UniCredit Bank, Unicredit Group
Profinbank, Prostofinance, Societe Generale



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Ukraine to close bank services in rebel-held east

Ukraine to close bank services in rebel-held east

All state companies, institutions and organizations should end their work within a week and “evacuate workers, with their permission, [and] where possible remove property and documents.”

Emergency at Ukraine’s nuclear power plant

Emergency at Ukraine’s nuclear power plant

One of the reactors at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant was automatically shut down after a glitch. This accident took place on Sunday morning at 05:59 am local time (03:59 GMT).

Ukraine's central bank issued emergency decree

Ukraine's central bank issued emergency decree

Ukraine's central bank tightened the screws on the rebel efforts last week with an emergency decree for insurgent areas that includes an order for banks to physically destroy any extra cash reserves.