The National Bank of Ukraine Presents a Concept for a New Website

The presentation featured representatives of the donor organization – the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and a web development company’s contractor, including Mr Steven Rynecki, Deputy Director of Economic Development at USAID, Ms Natalia Berezhna, USAID Financial Sector Program Manager, and Mr Sergiy Boichun, Strategy Director at Jaya Digital LLC.

NBU Deputy Governor Mr Dmitriy Sologub underlined that digitalization of communications has become strategically important at the current development stage. The overhaul of the NBU’s website as the central bank’s communication channel should meet stakeholders’ (website users) expectations. Therefore, one of the top priorities is to involve experts, market analysts and media representatives in the development of this platform. “I would like to thank all those engaged in the concept design and I feel confident that through joint efforts we will be able to create a website in line with international best practices,” said Mr Sologub.

The key features of the new website include the following:

  • provides a quick and easy access to any required information;
  • incorporates such services as data portal/analytics hub, banking office; and
  • enables the creation of micro websites designed to serve as a tool for effective communication with target audiences.

This will help improve communication between website users and the NBU.

Apart from a modern design and better navigation options, a new website will have adaptive functionality, meaning that units of the content vary depending on the size of the browser window.

New data visualization tools will enable easier access to statistics and promote a better understanding of the key economic indicators.

Users will be able to send inquiries, requests and receive answers, apply to attend an event, form and store data sets and receive periodic newsletters through the Banking Office. The search bot will make it easy to find a certain financial institution and retrieve information about its financial standing.

The launch of the new website is scheduled for September 2017.

The National Bank of Ukraine Presents a Concept for a New Website

For reference

The project was launched a year ago.

The initial stage of the project involved deliberations with website users, including experts, market analysts and media representatives, which were held to identify the needs and formulate a design concept.

The NBU, seeking to comply with best practices applied by the world’s leading banks, has requested technical assistance from international donors.

This project is being implemented with assistance from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Jaya Digital LLC was announced as the winner of the open tender conducted by the USAID in 2016 to select a contractor for the provision of services for the development of a new website.

In early 2017, the USAID and the NBU entered into a contract with Jaya Digital LLC for the development of a new website.

The project is financed by the USAID under IP-FSS Project.

Jaya Digital LLC is Ukrainian digital technologies and marketing strategic agency. Starting from 2010, company’s portfolio comprises of more than 130 successful projects and web-applications for area of finance, services, e-commerce, publishing etc.

IP-FSS Project is a supplementary project of the USAID under Regional Economic Growth Program. The Project aims to provide international technical assistance for the improvement of communications, including website upgrading, to the NBU.