Ukrsotsbank UniCredit Bank updated mobile application

UniCredit Mobile

Ukrsotsbank (which operate in Ukraine under UniCredit Bank trademark) released an updated version of UniCredit Mobile mobile application with extended functionality and new design, the bank representative told today.

Now, in addition to the already familiar features which allow checking account balance, finding the nearest branch, making transfers and payments, replenishing deposits and savings accounts, etc., customers, who use smartphones on Android and iOS platforms, can create payment templates using the “Quick payments” function.

This option makes payment of bills a much simpler procedure, for having made a template once, a client will carry out all the next payments in a few clicks. All he has to do is to enter the amount.

Also, it became much easier to work with messages received from the bank. Now the bank will inform clients about the most important news by messages to a mailbox within the mobile app.

The client will now be able to add all important messages to personal archive and simply delete all irrelevant proposals.

To make UniCredit Mobile even more convenient to use, the interface design has been updated to a modern Flat design, the card balance is also displayed with transaction history, and Samsung and iPhone users are even able to log in to the application by scanning their fingerprints.

Also, it is easier now for Android users to switch the language – it can be done from any page. Furthermore, the updated UniCredit Mobile version supports phablet extension.

The new release of UniCredit Mobile is already available for download at App Store and Google Play.